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About Us

balance your structure in nature.

Trusted experience

About Us

Sibaii Landscape company began in 2008 and now prides itself in being one of the most renowned landscaping service providers in the Lebanon. We boast a wealth of expertise which encompasses the full spectrum of landscaping. This includes design, construction, installation, irrigation and maintenance We believe that beautiful outdoor spaces can enhance people's lives and add value to their properties. Our mission is to provide high-quality, sustainable, and affordable landscaping services that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients. The Firm has extensive experience in all facets of design, demonstrating competency regardless of the complexities of different climates, geographical locations, social situations and the variety of client expectations with the overriding goal being to provide excellence and timeless design.


Our mission is to create beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces that enhance the quality of life for our clients, while being environmentally responsible.


Our vision is to be the leading landscaping company in Qatar, known for our exceptional creativity, unparalleled craftsmanship, and commitment to sustainability.


Quality ---

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality services and products to exceed our clients' expectations.

Integrit ---

We conduct our business with transparency and honesty, and always uphold ethical principles.

Creativity ---

We strive to bring unique and innovative design ideas to every project we undertake.

Sustainability ---

We are committed to promoting sustainable practices and reducing our impact on the environment.

Customer Satisfaction ---

Our client's satisfaction is our top priority, and we will go above and beyond to ensure their needs are met.

Why Us ?

Organic Methods

We pivot towards sustainable landscaping practices for a greener tomorrow.

Upfront Pricing

We care about the quality given for the money your investing for the sake of beauty and relaxation

Expert Team

Your project will be handled by professionals who care. Expertise is meaningful in the presence of empathy.

Support Guaranteed

Get the support you need to ensure that things run smoothly. A supportive service provider is conscious of your success.

We look carefully at what our clients want; what they dream about; what fires them up. We like to get right to the heart and soul of that vision when we turn it into reality. Green spaces and landscapes matter to our clients and they matter to us. It’s the wholehearted total engagement with and commitment to each project that sets us apart at Frosts. Each and every team member will tell you the same thing: we’re inspired by you; we love what we do; we get a real buzz from the way our landscape projects make people feel.