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Farm and Camps Services

balance your structure in nature.

About us

Our service scope extends to every facet of daily maintenance and long-term management of the properties, including on-site supervision, annual and long-term agronomic planning, budget management, labor sourcing and management, materials sourcing, irrigation management, equipment maintenance, tree management and long-term planning. We offer a wide range of landscaping services to residential and commercial clients, including:

Farm Services

Our farms service offers a wealth of agricultural contracting services, serving all aspects of your farming needs. We offer a comprehensive selection of agricultural services from specialist farm contractors, ranging from seasonal services to specific farming requirements.

• Irrigation review and installation of automatic irrigation network
• Installation and maintenance of irrigation water pumps
• Provision and construction of high-capacity irrigation water tanks
• Agricultural plastic houses with high specifications
• Maintenance of plastic houses, including cooling and house structure
• Providing an extension service for crops inside and outside greenhouses
• Determining the problems of the structure and components of agricultural houses
• Guidance recommendations regarding vegetables and fruits
• Control of diseases and pests of vegetables and fruits