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Project – Bay Tower

balance your structure in nature.

BAY TOWER – Solidere, Lebanon

Indoors & Outdoors
Landscaping Design & Execution
800 m2

Aiming to create a landscape in motion and trigger an element of discovery the fountain in the building and the greenery around it has given the true combination between the seaside and nature. Within the apartments of different stories of the building is a secret of indoors landscaping embedded in the interior design of each apartment. The interior landscaping of the luxurious apartments by the sea offers stunning views of the sea and a bright lush greenery. The entrance is made of a mixture of artificial and natural green wall embedded in different shapes within the wall. The living room features a mixture of natural materials like bamboo, teak, and river rocks, which creates a relaxed, island-inspired feel. The bedrooms feature soothing neutral colors of floating plants that are perfectly for a natural and calming atmosphere. These plants are easy to maintain and require minimal sunlight. We planted succulents, peace lilies, snake plants which plays a major role in reducing stress, improving air quality and help to combat fatigue. The bathrooms are designed with both styles and practicality in mind. With its breathtaking views, relaxing atmosphere and exquisite interior landscaping, the fireplace installed in one of the apartments was a piece of art that given a cozy atmosphere to the space. The balconies got a special consideration when it comes to plant selection. Salt tolerant plants are essential as they can withstand high levels of salt in the air and water. Adding a few of these plants transformed them into a beautiful, peaceful retreat. Finally, lighting in each apartment was used to create different moods and can be controlled depending on the time of day.