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Project – Emela Beauty Institute

balance your structure in nature.

Emela Beauty Institute & Academy Center

Exterior Landscaping Design and Execution
700 m2

Designing an outdoor atmosphere for a beauty academy center is a great way to create a welcoming and inviting vibes for clients. Our design department created a stunning outdoor space, incorporated with low-maintenance plants; shrubs and flowers that withstand the local climate. For a more vibrant display our professionals chose specific flowering plants; petunias, lobelia and others. Decorative elements of colored rocks and gravel, small fountains and brand name decorated in flowered shapes added a touch of luxury and elegance. An automated irrigation system was installed to ensure that plants remain healthy and vibrant year-round. The whole beauty was enlightened by outdoor lighting system to show case the prettiness of the area. With careful planning and execution, a beautiful outdoor space was created for attractive and functional atmosphere.