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Project – Resort Naqoora

balance your structure in nature.

Resort – Naqoora, Lebanon

Exterior Landscaping Design and implementation
18,000 m2

Spread out over a typical Mediterranean terrain; characteristically rocky and sloped, a club and its corresponding facilities have been inserted into the hillside. Overlooking the coast, the beach of a profusely landscaped swimming pool sinks into its waters, creating natural inlets, in the continuous motion emblematic of sandy shorelines.

A strong, early coordination between the architectural and landscaping work allowed for an ideal outcome, with nature at its core. The soft landscape made up of lawns, exotic and flowering trees, and shrubs, all seem to engulf the hard landscape made up of pools, kids pools, sundecks, bungalows, and restaurants scattered across the resort and positioned to give beachgoers an idyllic view from every angle. The pool terminates in a generous cascade that tumbles hurriedly into a reflecting pool and serves to seamlessly meld its glossy surface with that of the glinting sea gleaming in the distant horizon. In close pursuit of a children's pool, a water cascade bursts forth, enlivening the nearby playground with the bubbly sounds of splashing water.

The true jewels of this project however, are the personal, serviced bungalows, with private Jacuzzis overlooking the sea and bubbling from a tailored garden that inspires comfort and escape. From these bungalows, we created a space that whisks visitors away to a destination far from the hustle and bustle of Beirut.